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Isaiah Ch. 11

Isaiah 11:1-16

Isaiah foretells the coming of Messiah through the line of King David; "the Root of Jesse" as a Banner for all peoples. Also, prophecies concerning the coming peaceable kingdom when "the wolf lies down with the lamb."

Isaiah Chs 12 and 13

Isaiah 12:1-13:22

Praise to the Holy One of Israel and Israel's triumphant future.

Isaiah 13:19-14:14

Isaiah 13:19-14:14

That Babylon and other ancient nations would be destroyed, foreshadowing the time when God deals finally with the world's evil and that he "will yet choose Israel."

Isaiah 14:15 - Ch. 16

Isaiah 14:15 - 16:14

Stirring and terrible prophecies against ancient Babylon, Assyria, the Philistines, and Moab.

Isaiah 16:6

Isaiah 16:6

How interesting that today, on Good Friday, Dr. McGee talks of judgment on many nations as he expounds upon Isaiah 16! Why is that?